Diving Deep, Going Far

       The blue book with the title of “Diving Deep, Going Far” made me interested. It contains stories of the women leaders forming Cambodia’s future. There are a variety of stories for each person. I was excited to see this book while I like to listen to other people’s stories. Sometimes, I could learn and get inspired by them. In my opinion, all of the stories are compelling, showing their experiences of brave, hard work, never giving up, and adorable, especially, being as a woman.

       Everyone has a different life story that we never know how many times we have been fighting to get to the place that we’re standing now a day, like all of the women in the book. I love all of those stories, especially, for chapter one is “School” and the second chapter is “Fairy tale” which touch my heart and feel related.

       He has the same dream as my father, which he always reminds my sister and me every time we talk together. When I read this story, I miss my parents, and thank you so much for what they have done for me. I think just the word thank you isn’t enough, but I promise I never make you frustrated with me. I’m going to make your dream come true. Dad, you’re my superhero, and Mom, you are my queen. Both of you are my role model and breath.

        I’m enjoying reading this book and get a lot of encouragement. All of the women in the book are my role models and light to show me that I should believe in myself as like you guys. You have been facing many obstacles, though, you still can achieve it. If you can do it, what about me? 

       “One day…I’m gonna have everything I prayed for. I believe it.” Demic


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