Travelling Theater

     Traveling theater exploration is the project that builds a mobile theater, which is moving from place to place. We aim to show our performance in the rural area while they may not have a lot of chances to watch different shows. Our team wants to have a truck and redesign it by dividing space for a changing room, microphones, and room for keeping our items. However, for now, we do not have a truck, so we need to be more flexible. 

      In the class, we learned about the process of setting up and tearing down. At the same time, we also learn more about the place, weather, time, and audiences. It’s my first time working on this project, and I am delighted to get new experiences. Our facilitator wants to make sure that we understand clearly about those processes, so he has a plan to go on the trip to two provinces, Takeo and Kampot. We want to show our performances at the schools and in the small village. There are my different roles, I’m a set design and communication crew, but mostly I’m working on contacting school directors, village chefs, District Governor, and police. This is also the first time for me to make a phone call too. I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Though, I think I would learn and get a lot of experiences while I have to talk to many high range people. Every time, I make a call my heart is beating so fast. Besides, there are some problems which sometimes I need to apologize to them. Because we have some changes to our plan. Sometimes, my partner and I face the music, but we can handle it and make a trip to happen.


      For three days of performance are the best memories that I couldn’t forget. Smile faces of audiences to show that they are enjoying the performance. I’m delighted and thank you so much to my teammate to achieve our goal. Even though we meet a lot of issues, we still encourage each other. There is a girl who comes forward and says, “Will you have a performance tomorrow?” I’m surprised and glad to hear it.

     Learning isn’t just sitting in the class, but we could learn it anytime and anywhere. I’m thankful to be a member of this project while I could get a lot of new experiences and understand more about the process of working with the government. I​ want to say I love the communication job. 

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