There are two types of lightroom, which are lightroom classic CC and lightroom CC. On the other hand the both of them are also different. Before there was a Lightroom classic CC is saving all of your work into your desktop and now there is a Lightroom CC is saving all of your project into the cloud. Thought, for my independent study I just started using Lightroom Classic CC because I want get to use with it and explore what tools are there and then I will start to learn more about the lightroom CC to see the different benefit both of them. In addition, I’m intrigued to this project because I could make edit with dissimilar color and style that you want those pictures to be. Sometimes, it could be show a lot of meaning throw pictures that have been edited. Besides that I was also learn how to use color to make photos look more interest than previously. By doing all of those worked I did some research and learn more from Youtube, which they have a short introduction about Lightroom Classic CC and explain some tools for the basics to begin edited. Therefore, some of the photo below is the first product after doing research to learn about Lightroom Classic CC.



Subsequently, I was learning more about Lightroom Classic CC by different website I was so joyful to get experience on how to use Lightroom Classic CC to edit photo and while I was using Lightroom Classic CC I like to play around by using different color and tools. Each photo has their own color, which is holding of different meaning and moods. 

What are different from List and Dictionary

     For this round we studied about new theme are list and dictionary. What do you think list mean? Do you have any example? List is the collection of item that have prepare in order and changeable. In the “list” we use the [ ] square bracket and we could also duplicated, which mean that we can repeat it again and again. For example:

Change item value

thislist = [“mango”, “jackfruit”, “coconut”]

print (thislist [1] )


The computer will print “ jackfruit” because if we count would start from one, two, and continues, but for computer begin with zero, one, two, ect. In the variable “print (thislist [1] ), which mean that we need a computer to print the fruit in the list is the first index. So the computer begin with zero with mango, first of jackfruit, and second is coconut.

Check if item exists

thislist = [“mango”, “jackfruit”, “coconut”]

if “mango” in thislist:

print ( “Yes, ‘mango’ is in the fruit list”)

For the check if item exists use to make sure does the stuff in fruit is the same as “if” variable ask like if “mango” in thislist:

print (“Yes, ‘mango’ is in the fruit list”)

So if the mango is in the fruit list the computer would print Yes, mango is in the fruit list. It could show us more that mango is already exist in the fruit list. Moreover, there is also the way to add more item into the list, which is call…

Add items insert

thislist = [“mango”, “coconut”, “orange”]

thislist.insert(2, “banana”)


As you can see if we aim to add more item into the list of variable. First, we list down all of fruit list name, then in the thislist.insert (2, “ banana”) is show that you want to add banana into the variable fruit list, also we want the banana is in the second place. So we write number two in the parentheses near to banana to make it’s into the second place.

After we could get some idea about list and now I will share with you some information about the dictionary. Dictionary is different from list because it is the collection item that unordered and changeable, but there isn’t allow to duplicate and it use curly bracket { }. For example

In the box above is an example of dictionary. This is dissimilar to the list because in the dictionary we use the curly bracket beside parentheses. There is also brand, model, and year, which is called Key. Moreover, the Toyota, Prius, and 2017 is called Value. Mostly, we use dictionary to gather items that are  unordered and changeable.  



   Before I never know what is a program, but I usually hear some people said about coding. When I hear, it was hard for me to recognize what is it?. On the first year of the liger, I joined a program called Technovation. In a team, we divide into two roles, which are business plan and coding. While we studied this was the first time I could see what is coding look like. I was so difficult to understand and I have no idea as glass without water. I had wonder how to programmers know how to write coding, it is so messy.

   Furthermore, this year we have started with the Python program and this class has been the road to spend more way for me to obvious. Python is the programming language for using to developing the web application and more. For the round three of school, we continue to learn more about Python Conditionals and if statements and Python For Loops. In the Python Conditions and if statements include Booleans, Comparisons, If statement, Indentation, Elif statement, Else statement, and And, Or, Not.



   Moreover, for the Python For Loops are Break statement, Continue statement, Range function, and Python while loop. This lesson is a little bit hard for me to catch up, but I look through again, try to print with code board and ask my friends to explain to me more. I could get more idea, it is also an interesting lesson and fun.

Photography Basic

Photography is art or pictures that use the camera to take and they have a different style of photos, which depends on a photographer. Before we take the photo we should learn how to use important things outside and inside of it. First, I have been learned about the exposure, which is the number of lights reaches your camera sensor. There are three points that affect exposure such as:

  • Shutter speed: the length of time that shutter allows the light to go in
  • Aperture: the size of open the lens that let the light enter the camera
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization is the level of brightness or exposure. It is also how sensitive of your camera on a light. The low number of ISO-less sensitive and the high number is more sensitive.

Moreover, there are the different style of shorts: Long short, full short, medium short, close up, extreme close up, long angle, high angle, eyes level, Dutch angle/ tilt, over the shoulder, and bird’s eye view.

Full Shot
High Angle
Long Shot
Extreme Close Up


    Adobe Software is a series of software of graphic, design, video editing, photos, and more. There are many Adobe software such as In design, Photoshop, Lightroom, illustrator, and etc,… In Technology/Multimedia class we just learned three adobe, which are Indesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom. Our teacher Cindy had divided us into three different peers to teach that three adobe. Some of our classmates would know how to use either one of those programs, so they need to have a plan for teaching to friends in class. I was also a member that teach Indesign program, share some information, what does Indesign working for, and how to use it (Mostly, Indesign using for creating pages of a book). On the next day, other teams teach the extra lessons. Moreover, they have to tell the different features of those. After we studied about three programs we have homework that needs to choose a topic, information, editing photos, design, or make graphic whatever we want, but we should include that three Adobe in our work. Also, we have to write both languages in Khmer and English. I had created a page of Honda, which has some information about Honda’s biography and his business.