Writing Essay

      “Writing expresses who we are as people. Writing makes our thinking and learning visible and permanent.”from https://public.district196.org/. There are many different types of Essay which are also similar to English too. We spent time reading different styles of writing and the format of them. After, we discussed and shared what understand, which was our turn to show our work. The teacher gave a topic for us to write as homework by using a Khmer proverb: “If you want to get knowledge, you have to kill an archbishop​​. If you want to get fruitful, you need to burn the stump.” and let us explain and give examples also. I had done many research before I began to write. It was a bit tricky to understand at the previous, but when I tried to read again and again, I was able to understand. There are a lot of meanings about this proverb. I got experience writing essays, but at the same time, I was appreciated for the people who created all the proverbs and hiding good advice and messages inside. 

This is a pdf of my writing 

The Argument paragraph


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