Writing Essay

      “Writing expresses who we are as people. Writing makes our thinking and learning visible and permanent.”from https://public.district196.org/. There are many different types of Essay which are also similar to English too. We spent time reading different styles of writing and the format of them. After, we discussed and shared what understand, which was our turn to show our work. The teacher gave a topic for us to write as homework by using a Khmer proverb: “If you want to get knowledge, you have to kill an archbishop​​. If you want to get fruitful, you need to burn the stump.” and let us explain and give examples also. I had done many research before I began to write. It was a bit tricky to understand at the previous, but when I tried to read again and again, I was able to understand. There are a lot of meanings about this proverb. I got experience writing essays, but at the same time, I was appreciated for the people who created all the proverbs and hiding good advice and messages inside. 

This is a pdf of my writing 

The Argument paragraph


Khmer Noddle

     Every time we talk about Prohak, Which country comes to your mind? Exactly, it’s Cambodia. Prohak is made from fish and it smells so bad, however, Cambodian people like to eat them and it’s very delicious. We could cook many varieties of food by using Prohak. Khmer Noodle​ is a family dish. Most of the time, when Cambodian celebrate any event, they never forget this food because it’s easy to cook and tastes good. However, this type of food doesn’t have many countries know how to cook it, while some of the ingredients are only found in Cambodia. Therefore, Khmer Noodle also has a folktale story that is related between Cambodia and China. Last but not least, it’s a very popular food in Cambodia.


Sarajevo is a heart of Bosnia that they couldn’t live without. The tall building were growing everywhere, green color on the top of view, chilly air, birds sang songs, and golden lily dance in the air release out soft smell. However, as the time goes Bosnia has broken hearth because of the big giants arrived still everything that it used to has away from its own place. It was a miserable things that Bosnia hard to forgave, but the way to express this feeling was to writing a poem to describe those unforgettable situation.  

The Nostalgic

  • The wave short hair 

with wholemeal is me

Looking through a window

  • Sober clouds

massive block building lay down on the side

smoky as foggy

black wires kip on fire 

  • I aim to lope away 

from where I am now

  • Oops! Oops! Oops!

The first kiss of my head

To the cab seat


This was a whole new world

 Uninviting, Grimy, Stinking

  • Begin the journey

Adobe to new resettlement 

Hostile, uncomfortable

See you again Sarajevo

  • I’m a bee suffer the loss of


Stay quiet 

Play charade every day

Express feeling

Without saying 

The plum blue, bright warm color

Glossy like fancy light orange

Drive to my heart

  • Birds chants songs

Dance in chilly air

Almost chop my hair

With their voice

  • The vines being to fly

On the sky

Out of strong smoky 

Of Turkish style coffee

Feel cosy and homely

  • Golden lily is lovely, considerate

As Tufahija dessert taste

Of saccharine than honey

  • Today was extremely dissimilar

Losing “Rich Flavor and Rich History”

Of strong caffeine and appreciate

Saccharine melts to bitter

I’m broken heart because by the Time

Golden lily sways like dancing

Petals are jumping 

Not in Fall

  • Grin, miserable, and glad

To spend my life

Force to spin

At new a nest

Where I have never ever left

“The smile face in one side, but when you arrived burn my heart which I never forgot.”



កម្ពុជាល្អស្រស់ប្រឹមប្រិយ                          គ្មានអ្វីផ្ទឹមបីប្រដូចប្រៀប

ប្រាសាទបុរាណតំណាងជាតិ                       ល្បីឮខ្ទរខ្ទាតពេញពសុធា ។

ក្បូរក្បាច់ចម្លាក់យ៉ាងរចនា                  ​​     មានរូបអប្សរារាំរេរា

ពាក្យម្គុជល្អគុណស្រស់សោភា                     ញញឹមពព្រាសមនារី ។

ឆ្លាក់ចារខ្លះបង្ហាញពីខ្មែរ                            ថាខ្លាំងពូកែមិនខ្ជាខ្ចី

កសាងប្រាសាទសព្វទិសទី                        ​គុណភាពគ្មានពីរលើសកល ។

ក្រៅពីប្រាសាទមានសិល្ប:                          យីកេបាសាក់ទុកបន្សល់ 

របាំរាំវង់ទន់តាមខ្យល់                                ល្វត់ល្វន់ទាញដល់ចិត្តទស្សនា ។

ស្រុកគេលាន់មាត់គ្រប់ៗគ្នា                        សម្បត្តិវប្បធម៍ពីដូនតា

ថាហ៊ានមុតមាំខ្លាំងអស្ចារ្យ                          អាចថែរក្សាកេរស្ថិតស្ថេរ ។

យើងជាកូនក្រោយត្រូវតាំងចិត្ត                 ក្លាហានយ៉ាងពិតមិនរារេ

ខំប្រឹងរក្សាដំណែលកេរ                                   មិនចុះចាញ់ទេស្មារតីខ្មែរ​ ។

Tom Teav

     The novel story that all of citizen in Cambodia couldn’t forget of two main characters, which was voluntarism to died together under a big tree called Por cause of love and family. Tom Teav was a novel story written by Ngoun Som or Pykok Som in 1915. In khmer class we had independent time to choose a topic or read a book to research and after we will share all of those information in the class. I was interested to learn more about khmer novel of Tom Teav to know more does this khmer novel was nonfiction or fiction. All of the results were the same, there are still two reasons, though from a website of CambodiaCommunityday said “this was a nonfiction story happened in Longvek era and it also told from mouth to mouth of event happened in the story. Beside, that from our discussion in class, in this love story had showed about location, period, roles, and this had some parts is from the perspective of an author. So it should be a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

     Therefore, this story had written two times, which one more by Nou Kan in 1942, but both of those stories had the same goal of “ Nom Men Thom Cheang Neal” is Cake doesn’t bigger than a stuff to put it. Before daughters didn’t have rights to decide on what they wanted unless their parents agree with those ideas and them need to follow parents.

Root Word

  • Every Monday in Literacy class our teacher gives us a paper about root words in English
  • There are timelines, which lasts a long time ago
  • One day we have divided into three groups to create the video about root words that can teach students by watching a video
  • In those animations have to include explanation, examples, and have pictures to make it’s easier to understanding.
  • My team need create a video about “AUD”
  • If you look at this video you will know more about it
  • I could get more knowledge about the root words of English and dateline of history


     Math is the practical subject that actually we use everywhere. In the math class, we learn a book called “ Primary Mathematics” Singapore math, which they have divided into different grades and we have been studied 4A and 4B. This year we continue to 5A has 6 chapters. Some lessons are similar to last year, but they are a different way to solve them. Five weeks to start a new book we finish three lessons are Whole Number, More Calculations with Whole Numbers, and Fractions. Among those three lessons, I like More Calculations with the Whole Number because there has the formula to calculate the number with parenthesis, word problems, and our teacher Samantha has include algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics has a letter in which general symbol that represents a number. I get new knowledge and strategy to find the answer. Those lessons are catching my feeling enthusiastic about this subject. I could say that Math is my favorite subject that I couldn’t say “Hate”.

     Besides, we study lessons in book or website, our teacher has assigned us to write a quote for math class the quote is “ Make the Most of Your Learning”. There are the different style to write and make posters about this quote. All of the posters are on the wall in class, which they could remind when we walk into the math class with energy, power, appreciate, try your best to study, and never give up.