Math (5B)

Everything always changes from time to time. Now in math class, we have continued to the new book is called “5B”. The first start of the book is about decimal and we just review again about (Addition, Subtract, Multiplication, and Division). Moreover, this is the same lesson that we have learned before, but it is also still an interesting and necessary lesson. There are also rules for multiplication and division:


*10 move decimal one place to the right

* 1oo move decimal two places to the right


/10 move decimal one place to the left

/ 100 move decimal two places to the left


     Happy Round 4 it is so fast, I just finished writing portfolio math of round 3. From one day to one day in class we could learn a lot different lesson. This round we are studying about Percentage. The percentage is the rate, amount of number, and ratio that expressed as a fraction of 100. For example Express 45 to a percentage. What is the result?

     Percentage is an easy way to use because if you have a lot of number, which are contain many number, it is hard to understand and sometimes, it is unclear. This lesson also apply to our real life. When you are going for shopping some shop have discount poster like 15% off. After I study this unit nowadays I could have method to calculate to find price after they discount.


   Surface area is the area of outside object. Today in Math class we study about geometry and how to find the area of different shapes. We had to practice them in a book and Khan Academy website to get more understanding. After I learned and do exercise more and more I can understand and know of a different formula to solve the problem. We also have a test about the geometry and some of the fractions. Besides, we learned about geometry we also have to practice with algebra. At the first time, I hear code with algebra it was surprising to me and I ask to myself how can we code with the algebra, but I when I get started to do it and it’s so cool.


     Math is the practical subject that actually we use everywhere. In the math class, we learn a book called “ Primary Mathematics” Singapore math, which they have divided into different grades and we have been studied 4A and 4B. This year we continue to 5A has 6 chapters. Some lessons are similar to last year, but they are a different way to solve them. Five weeks to start a new book we finish three lessons are Whole Number, More Calculations with Whole Numbers, and Fractions. Among those three lessons, I like More Calculations with the Whole Number because there has the formula to calculate the number with parenthesis, word problems, and our teacher Samantha has include algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics has a letter in which general symbol that represents a number. I get new knowledge and strategy to find the answer. Those lessons are catching my feeling enthusiastic about this subject. I could say that Math is my favorite subject that I couldn’t say “Hate”.

     Besides, we study lessons in book or website, our teacher has assigned us to write a quote for math class the quote is “ Make the Most of Your Learning”. There are the different style to write and make posters about this quote. All of the posters are on the wall in class, which they could remind when we walk into the math class with energy, power, appreciate, try your best to study, and never give up.