Basketball is a game that has to compete with two teams, which have five members in each team. They need to throw the ball into the basket for getting scores. This is my favorite sport that I actually spend at least 30 minutes after I finish my homework to play or practice and make me excited. I am just joyed an ASE of basketball every Saturday with Seniors. We play mix with genders together and we have been spending seven weeks that a day in a week. Now we have a great opportunity to joy a competition at CIS school, so we have to complete two games which are football and basketball. We just have four days to practice with each other because everyone had come back from Pchom Ben break and next week we would have a competition. This was a short time to practice. Before there is a rule that in the field must be both genders.

   In the afternoon we played football with other teams and we always got scores to complete in final and it was amazing that we could get Trophy back to school. I could see everyone face with a smile and jumping up and down. On the next day is time for basketball. Everyone tried their best to play it. I could say some team they were bigger than us, but we still won them. We just have a chance to a semi-final and it was a wonderful game because we have a short time to practice, but we should do it and some members were a first time for them especially girls. This is the first time for me to joy games and we could get Trophy.