Khmer Literacy

  • When we came back from holiday in Khmer class we learned new lesson is Formal Communication
  • Then we have divided into three groups, they would did research about different topics
  • My team did research on clothes, distance, and smell
  • First, clothes topic:

– Women: dress, shirt, or a skirt with the business suit jacket. Also, they should wear jewelry or watch on and a handbag to look more professional.

– Men: suit, shirt, pants, and a watch to look more professional too

-Shoes: You should wear shoes that make you comfortable. (Do not wear flip-flop shoes)

-Color: You shouldn’t use colorful for a dress, pants, and etc,…

  • Second, distance is how far do we need to stand while we talking.
  • Mostly, you know how to stand when you talking, which make you and partners feel great.
  • Keep the space one step from your partners
  • The last, it is very important that we need to be careful is the smell. Before we leave have to check on yourself and prepare
  • After we finish did research there would be a presentation to share information to our classmate and answer all of the questions
  • Listening to other groups for sharing their information
  • The end of the presentation we have to write them down into a notebook
  • I enjoyed this lesson because I got a lot of new knowledge and know more about the way to for formal communication    . This is the special skill we will use every time when we grow up

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