Who Am I?

   Round three in literacy class we studied a new topic is about Identity. Identity is mostly forcing about the identity of people or who are you, where are from, or background information. Before we did research there are also some guiding questions for us to have ideas. Besides that, we also look at some articles by Sandra Cisneros of “The House on Mango Street”, articles from newsela.com, and the poem “Where am From” by George Ella Lyon. All of those articles have been inspiring me and other students to be as models. Moreover, after we read the article called “The House on Mango Street”, which is talking about the girl who wrote about the history of her name and her feeling of her name. Then we also got to write a paragraph of background information of our name, where did it come from? Who given this name? And reasons. This is an interesting topic get to know more about yourself.



   Beside that we also get encouragement from a poem of “Where am From” is the product of George Ella Lyon is growing up in Kentucky. She loves words, tree climbing, bike riding, singing, her family, stories, dinner, and school. Lyon also plays some sports, writing since she was young, and play music. She has written a poem about herself ( Where am From) and audio. I could say it was so admiringly of her writing, which makes readers see all of the action she did by her words. Consequently, I also wrote my own poem that has a format of Lyon.


Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

“I Am From” Poem Template


   Before I never know what is a program, but I usually hear some people said about coding. When I hear, it was hard for me to recognize what is it?. On the first year of the liger, I joined a program called Technovation. In a team, we divide into two roles, which are business plan and coding. While we studied this was the first time I could see what is coding look like. I was so difficult to understand and I have no idea as glass without water. I had wonder how to programmers know how to write coding, it is so messy.

   Furthermore, this year we have started with the Python program and this class has been the road to spend more way for me to obvious. Python is the programming language for using to developing the web application and more. For the round three of school, we continue to learn more about Python Conditionals and if statements and Python For Loops. In the Python Conditions and if statements include Booleans, Comparisons, If statement, Indentation, Elif statement, Else statement, and And, Or, Not.



   Moreover, for the Python For Loops are Break statement, Continue statement, Range function, and Python while loop. This lesson is a little bit hard for me to catch up, but I look through again, try to print with code board and ask my friends to explain to me more. I could get more idea, it is also an interesting lesson and fun.


   Surface area is the area of outside object. Today in Math class we study about geometry and how to find the area of different shapes. We had to practice them in a book and Khan Academy website to get more understanding. After I learned and do exercise more and more I can understand and know of a different formula to solve the problem. We also have a test about the geometry and some of the fractions. Besides, we learned about geometry we also have to practice Code.org with algebra. At the first time, I hear code with algebra it was surprising to me and I ask to myself how can we code with the algebra, but I when I get started to do it and it’s so cool.

Photography Basic

Photography is art or pictures that use the camera to take and they have a different style of photos, which depends on a photographer. Before we take the photo we should learn how to use important things outside and inside of it. First, I have been learned about the exposure, which is the number of lights reaches your camera sensor. There are three points that affect exposure such as:

  • Shutter speed: the length of time that shutter allows the light to go in
  • Aperture: the size of open the lens that let the light enter the camera
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization is the level of brightness or exposure. It is also how sensitive of your camera on a light. The low number of ISO-less sensitive and the high number is more sensitive.

Moreover, there are the different style of shorts: Long short, full short, medium short, close up, extreme close up, long angle, high angle, eyes level, Dutch angle/ tilt, over the shoulder, and bird’s eye view.

Full Shot
High Angle
Long Shot
Extreme Close Up

Khmer Literacy តថគំនិត

Every photos there are many different meaning. When I see those photos are catch to my feeling to write a paragraph in Khmer, which is take the nature and feeling by using the metaphor to describe what are in my mind. All of the point below has take each part from the paragraph that I have been wrote. 

  • ខែកត្តិកធ្លាក់ខ្យល់ ផាយផាត់មកដល់ដួងចិត្តប្រជា
  • ព្រះសុរិយាបញ្ចាំងពន្លឺផ្លេកៗ ប៉ះកួរស្រូវលាយឡំគ្នា ដូចកម្រាលព្រំមាស
  • ទេពបុត្ររាងខ្ពស់សង្ហារ អាចឈោងប៉ះវេហាស៍​ ដើរតួតំណាងបុរីរដ្ឋ
  • ស្រមោលមួយមានចលនា រស់រវើក ងើបឱនយ៉ាងមមាញឹក រួមនឹងស្នាមញញឹម
  • មេឃភ្លៀងផ្គររន្ទះ មិនដែលរាថយ រៀបចំរូតរះមើលថែ ស្រែស្រូវ ប្រៀបដូចជាកូន
  • សន្សំថវិកាដើម្បី ផ្គត់ផ្គង់បញ្ជូនបុត្រីបុត្រាទៅសិក្សា
  • ចង្កៀងបំភ្លឺ ជួបជុំគ្រួសារ ហូបបាយជុំគ្នា ជាមួយសំឡេងសើចក្អះក្អាយ
  • ទឹកហូរមិនចេះដាច់ ពេលវេលាកាន់តែរំកិល
  • ពួកយើងកាន់តែចម្រើនវ័យ មានការងាររៀងៗខ្លួន​ ឃា្លតឆ្ងាយពីពុកម៉ែ
  • លោកទាំងពីរ កាន់តែចាស់ សក់ប្រែជាស្កូវ ធ្មេញពុក ដើរកោងខ្នង កម្លាំងអន់ថយ
  • ស្រមៃនឹកដល់ ពេលវេលាកំសត់លំបាក ហូបបាយក្រោមពន្លឺចង្កៀង
  • ព្រះសុរិយា​ តែងតែរះជារៀងរាល់ព្រឹក ផ្ដល់ពន្លឺទៅដល់ភាវ:មានជីវិត​ ប៉ុន្តែកុំភ្លេច ទ្រង់ក៏មានពេលអស្ដង្គតដែរ



   Basketball is a game that has to compete with two teams, which have five members in each team. They need to throw the ball into the basket for getting scores. This is my favorite sport that I actually spend at least 30 minutes after I finish my homework to play or practice and make me excited. I am just joyed an ASE of basketball every Saturday with Seniors. We play mix with genders together and we have been spending seven weeks that a day in a week. Now we have a great opportunity to joy a competition at CIS school, so we have to complete two games which are football and basketball. We just have four days to practice with each other because everyone had come back from Pchom Ben break and next week we would have a competition. This was a short time to practice. Before there is a rule that in the field must be both genders.

   In the afternoon we played football with other teams and we always got scores to complete in final and it was amazing that we could get Trophy back to school. I could see everyone face with a smile and jumping up and down. On the next day is time for basketball. Everyone tried their best to play it. I could say some team they were bigger than us, but we still won them. We just have a chance to a semi-final and it was a wonderful game because we have a short time to practice, but we should do it and some members were a first time for them especially girls. This is the first time for me to joy games and we could get Trophy.

Mondulkiri Province

   Mondulkiri is the biggest province in Cambodia and collection of forests with wildlife animals. This is the first time for me to visit Mondulkiri province. When I hear someone said about this province I usually think of forest and weather would be cold because there is a place where forest located. We spend eight to nine hours driving. Along the way, I have observed the nature in that area, also there are rice fields with green and gold color mix together to make it more beautiful and all of the beautiful scenery is touch to my mind to know more how amazing of Cambodia. Moreover, the way close to Mondulkiri I could see mountains, forest, and hills have tall grass with cold air, which makes me feel warm Welcome from Mondulkiri province. We arrived at the place to sleep is in RDI and we had to take off our stuff and pick up the tents. There is an appealing place that has trees around and cold air.

In the Morning
Along the way
Leng Trok



Kirirom National Park

Kirirom National Park

   Nature always stay in everywhere, on Thursday/25/ October/2018 in outdoor exploration we went to the Kirirom national park, which is located in the Kampong Speu province. While we spend three to four hours for the drive. Along the way, I saw a beautiful view of Kampong Speu province, lives of people, and rice field that full of green color like a golden mat.

   Kirirom is a place full of nature with amazing scenery of mountain and tall trees were moving to follow the wind. Cool wind blow makes me more relax, enjoy, and fresh with the smell of flowers are in forests. The conversation of birds to communicate with each other mix with music that makes tourists feel “WELCOME”. When we just arrived at Kirirom we tried to find a place to pick up our tents, there had tall trees around like fences to protect us. Oh! Wait for the air touch to my skin was cool and hear some sound of….waterfall wow!. My heart was jumping up and down excited to see waterfall and wadding of water. We had to come to find the located of the waterfall, which is three kilometers. I didn’t feel tired, but joyful to see different animals, plants, and listen to a concert of birds. During I walked I saw a worm as long as plastic straw. I should notice the life of animals on the mountain and in Liger is very different. Look at over there was a waterfall, there are many people come to visit and swim with their family and have a smiley face on. The sound of waterfall make music, sunshine show light on a big rock like the large diamond with the light is shining with power. Water cool like ice float along the way across rocks as life meet a lot of challenges, but there is still a solution on to fight off problems. Moreover, we have been seeing gibbons jump on branches and they are so cute. Now it time for me to take off my mind for waterfall and scenery around to walk to our bus, but I didn’t want to leave because I was happy to play with nature.

   After we came back from the waterfall, so our next plan we would go to the lake called Srah Srang. There is so beautiful view around of trees and lake. Than our facilitator decides to pick tents near to water. In the afternoon we cooked for the dinner time, which is pasta, but before could eat that food there was also problem that our stove doesn’t work, so we have to find other solution to make fire. Everyone tried their best to find wood near to place that we sleep for making fire and we also saw a Khmer stove. Make campfire sat around, eat food, sang songs, and dance under full moon shine the shining light to our place with many stars stay around. If you just take a look to everyone face there were full of smile shine on. At night time was so cold, one highlight from this place is there aren’t mosquitoes. In the morning was rainy that make everyone feel a little bit cold and we could still see the good scenery of nature. This was the last day for the trip we had to go back to school. I didn’t want to say goodbye. Before we leave we went to visit other waterfall called O’Ta Sek.  

   I really appreciated everything that has in my country. Besides I enjoyed with nature I could learn and get more experience that it couldn’t learn from books. Everyone has a great time and memory with each other that we couldn’t forget.  Overall, I didn’t want to go back, but I hope that we will meet you again Kirirom.

Kirirom National Park
Along the way to waterfall
Group Photo


Atomic Mass and Atomic Number



       The stem is combined from words Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All of them have connected with each other. This year is different we have included the physical subject. In the stem class, I have learned about the Atomic mass and Atomic number and more. Atomic mass is the number of proton and neutron plus together. One tip that we could find atomic mass is taking mass number can be divided by 2, which mean proton and neutron are half of each other. Atomic number is the number of the protons are in the atom.


    Adobe Software is a series of software of graphic, design, video editing, photos, and more. There are many Adobe software such as In design, Photoshop, Lightroom, illustrator, and etc,… In Technology/Multimedia class we just learned three adobe, which are Indesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom. Our teacher Cindy had divided us into three different peers to teach that three adobe. Some of our classmates would know how to use either one of those programs, so they need to have a plan for teaching to friends in class. I was also a member that teach Indesign program, share some information, what does Indesign working for, and how to use it (Mostly, Indesign using for creating pages of a book). On the next day, other teams teach the extra lessons. Moreover, they have to tell the different features of those. After we studied about three programs we have homework that needs to choose a topic, information, editing photos, design, or make graphic whatever we want, but we should include that three Adobe in our work. Also, we have to write both languages in Khmer and English. I had created a page of Honda, which has some information about Honda’s biography and his business.