I’m come back to see you. (Technovation)

      “Welcome back” was a word I saw on the dashboard of the Technovation program when I logged in. It reminded me of an old memory in 2017 that was the first time participating in the program and being in the junior division. At the same time, this was the first time my team got selected for the finalist team and competed with different teams from different countries around the world, in San Francisco. For this year 2020, it was the first time I came back to this battle and was in the senior division. This time is a new game, tasted, missions, and competitors also. My team and I would go together to fight for it. 

    The five members came together to create a team called Initial with an app named Chamkar. We took many weeks to brainstorm ideas. It was hard to think about new ideas. Though, we attempted to list down all of our problems. After, we spent some time discussing and researching, which we decided to work on the quality of vegetables. We wanted to make sure it’s a real problem that happened to Cambodian citizens. We conducted surveys with people in Phnom Penh and provinces by interview and sent out the form. We found out that 80% of 134 people lack awareness of the quality of their vegetables that they eat daily. We came back and looked through all the data and had a talk with one of our seniors, Sammang Noun, and our mentors outside of Liger. Later, we came up with a solution by creating an app. Chamkar is an app that provides safe/ organic vegetables to customers. We’re working closely with our stakeholders are Agriculture Research & Supply center and Green Gold. In the future, we also want to expand the market more to different provinces. 

Chamkar Logo

       Challenging, always staying with us all the time. When there was a problem, I felt stressed and upset. Especially the unexpected thing that happened is COVID-19. It is a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold, according to the WHO. We have to go back to our home town. Even though we were far away from each other, we still stay in touch every day to finish our work and prepare for the summation of the global.

      We still have a national pitch in Cambodia, but we did it by Zoom. Our team got selected to present for the National Pitch among 80 teams in both divisions. I was proud of my teammate, even though we did not win first place for the National Pitch, but we never gave up and appreciated all our hard work. We were selected for the semi-final team among many teams from different countries. All of this result came from our determination, collaboration, and opportunism.

      It’s a great chance to participate in this program. I learned a lot throughout this journey. I could explore and get experiences in editing the pitch video. It was the first time for me to step into a new skill. There would be some challenges, but I’m good with it if I have a problem in which I would seek help and learn along the way. Even though, in the time of Covid-19, we still worked hard and made the best we can. Last but not least, I want to say I enjoy learning this program.

Watch this video to understand more about our app.

My bedroom Dream

Everyone always has their own houses dream which they hope to build at someday in the future. I want to have my own house that it is design by my own style. However, for now it is just a dream that exist inside my imagination. Though, as a time goes I’m begin to make my dream house to get out of my brain and appear on computer screen. 

This is a first time for me to create my bedroom in the website of home.by.me.

The bedroom make me feel of happiness, delight, relax, and motivate.
Creative with my imagination


It makes me feel of sweet and enthusiastic.
Take sometimes​ to Meditate from something around

All of this work above is what I have spend my time to make my dream come true. Also, the most important thing that I learned from this work was empathize what do I need, follow my heart, ingenuity, and experiences to try something new. 



The poem that I wrote inspire from a book of Wish that written by Barbara O’Connor. A girl lived in Raleigh need to move from their parents to be stay at her aunt and uncle house at Colby. How does she feel to move far away from home? Everyday she always wish and hope one day it would come true. Though, a question is in a girl head, would it come true?

  • A girl named Charlie lived in Raleigh

The capital city of North Carolina

Used to lived with diamond family

How hard it is to imagine of broken piece

As time goes by, some pieces have gone

She made a wish everyday

Which’s hoping it will come true one.

  • Relocated to the bright color of sunshine grow in Colby

Green color with beautiful scenery of nature

Lived with Gus and Bertha

The room full of canning jars, Cinderella pillow, and everything is different

Love of this family have begin with sweet moment.

  • Though the mood of far away from house

Everything was dissimilar

All of the kids weren’t the same

Met a new person on the bus

Who wear glasses.

  • Howard was an intimate person never ever met

Kindness, Helpful, Positive, and Optimistic

The boy had a family that completely full of

Cheerfulness, twinkle, laughing, and playful.

  • Wishbone was one of wishes and a lovely boy

He loves Charlie no matter what

Follow, jump, flipping, sleeping on the floor

Mind of go back home was freezing.

  • On and on waiting to hear the phone ring from the other side

Thinking, Thinking, Waiting, Waiting

Have been stick into Charlie brain

Hoping, Hoping, Hoping

Wishing, Wishing, Wishing

Everything would back again.

  • Sometimes, she aims to give up

Comment from her from Howard inspire

Your dream will be true with truth.

  • One day an unexpected happens

All of the wish that she had made

Have come true with shining light of fantastic.