Diving Deep, Going Far

       The blue book with the title of “Diving Deep, Going Far” made me interested. It contains stories of the women leaders forming Cambodia’s future. There are a variety of stories for each person. I was excited to see this book while I like to listen to other people’s stories. Sometimes, I could learn and get inspired by them. In my opinion, all of the stories are compelling, showing their experiences of brave, hard work, never giving up, and adorable, especially, being as a woman.

       Everyone has a different life story that we never know how many times we have been fighting to get to the place that we’re standing now a day, like all of the women in the book. I love all of those stories, especially, for chapter one is “School” and the second chapter is “Fairy tale” which touch my heart and feel related.

       He has the same dream as my father, which he always reminds my sister and me every time we talk together. When I read this story, I miss my parents, and thank you so much for what they have done for me. I think just the word thank you isn’t enough, but I promise I never make you frustrated with me. I’m going to make your dream come true. Dad, you’re my superhero, and Mom, you are my queen. Both of you are my role model and breath.

        I’m enjoying reading this book and get a lot of encouragement. All of the women in the book are my role models and light to show me that I should believe in myself as like you guys. You have been facing many obstacles, though, you still can achieve it. If you can do it, what about me? 

       “One day…I’m gonna have everything I prayed for. I believe it.” Demic


Khmer Noddle

     Every time we talk about Prohak, Which country comes to your mind? Exactly, it’s Cambodia. Prohak is made from fish and it smells so bad, however, Cambodian people like to eat them and it’s very delicious. We could cook many varieties of food by using Prohak. Khmer Noodle​ is a family dish. Most of the time, when Cambodian celebrate any event, they never forget this food because it’s easy to cook and tastes good. However, this type of food doesn’t have many countries know how to cook it, while some of the ingredients are only found in Cambodia. Therefore, Khmer Noodle also has a folktale story that is related between Cambodia and China. Last but not least, it’s a very popular food in Cambodia.


Sarajevo is a heart of Bosnia that they couldn’t live without. The tall building were growing everywhere, green color on the top of view, chilly air, birds sang songs, and golden lily dance in the air release out soft smell. However, as the time goes Bosnia has broken hearth because of the big giants arrived still everything that it used to has away from its own place. It was a miserable things that Bosnia hard to forgave, but the way to express this feeling was to writing a poem to describe those unforgettable situation.  

The Nostalgic

  • The wave short hair 

with wholemeal is me

Looking through a window

  • Sober clouds

massive block building lay down on the side

smoky as foggy

black wires kip on fire 

  • I aim to lope away 

from where I am now

  • Oops! Oops! Oops!

The first kiss of my head

To the cab seat


This was a whole new world

 Uninviting, Grimy, Stinking

  • Begin the journey

Adobe to new resettlement 

Hostile, uncomfortable

See you again Sarajevo

  • I’m a bee suffer the loss of


Stay quiet 

Play charade every day

Express feeling

Without saying 

The plum blue, bright warm color

Glossy like fancy light orange

Drive to my heart

  • Birds chants songs

Dance in chilly air

Almost chop my hair

With their voice

  • The vines being to fly

On the sky

Out of strong smoky 

Of Turkish style coffee

Feel cosy and homely

  • Golden lily is lovely, considerate

As Tufahija dessert taste

Of saccharine than honey

  • Today was extremely dissimilar

Losing “Rich Flavor and Rich History”

Of strong caffeine and appreciate

Saccharine melts to bitter

I’m broken heart because by the Time

Golden lily sways like dancing

Petals are jumping 

Not in Fall

  • Grin, miserable, and glad

To spend my life

Force to spin

At new a nest

Where I have never ever left

“The smile face in one side, but when you arrived burn my heart which I never forgot.”


New method

Solve this problem

What is the result of this problem?

23 * 31 =……………

I know that you could solve this problem if you have been learn. In math there are many way to solve problem. But before I show you how solve this problem into new method. I want to know what is your answer?…………………

After you finish!!

* Every times that you do this problem, we always solve the same way like picture

Today I will guide you new method and see will it show the same answer. You should get book and pencil for writing. Are you ready go!!

  • First, write the problem: 23 * 31= ☐ ☐ ☐   
  • Then take number two times with three. Do you get the answer! And write it down in the first box
  • Third, take number three time with one. Write it down in the third box and for the second box complete with zero number
  • Four, take number two times with one. Write the answer down somewhere on your paper
  • Fifth , take number three times with three and write the answer down somewhere on your paper
  • Sixth, you have to addition the result you got from 2 * 1 and 3 * 3 together.
  • Draw another new two boxes under the first and second box
  • Fill the answer you got from step sixth. The first digit into the first new box
  • Fill the second digit of the result from step six to the second new box
  • After you finish write them down. You have to add them together
  • Finally, the sum is the result for this problem.

What is your answer?……………..(if you get the same answer at the first time you did, which mean you have follow the instruction) Congratulation!!

Math usually have different way to solve problem. This is new method that I aim to share with you.


The poem that I wrote inspire from a book of Wish that written by Barbara O’Connor. A girl lived in Raleigh need to move from their parents to be stay at her aunt and uncle house at Colby. How does she feel to move far away from home? Everyday she always wish and hope one day it would come true. Though, a question is in a girl head, would it come true?

  • A girl named Charlie lived in Raleigh

The capital city of North Carolina

Used to lived with diamond family

How hard it is to imagine of broken piece

As time goes by, some pieces have gone

She made a wish everyday

Which’s hoping it will come true one.

  • Relocated to the bright color of sunshine grow in Colby

Green color with beautiful scenery of nature

Lived with Gus and Bertha

The room full of canning jars, Cinderella pillow, and everything is different

Love of this family have begin with sweet moment.

  • Though the mood of far away from house

Everything was dissimilar

All of the kids weren’t the same

Met a new person on the bus

Who wear glasses.

  • Howard was an intimate person never ever met

Kindness, Helpful, Positive, and Optimistic

The boy had a family that completely full of

Cheerfulness, twinkle, laughing, and playful.

  • Wishbone was one of wishes and a lovely boy

He loves Charlie no matter what

Follow, jump, flipping, sleeping on the floor

Mind of go back home was freezing.

  • On and on waiting to hear the phone ring from the other side

Thinking, Thinking, Waiting, Waiting

Have been stick into Charlie brain

Hoping, Hoping, Hoping

Wishing, Wishing, Wishing

Everything would back again.

  • Sometimes, she aims to give up

Comment from her from Howard inspire

Your dream will be true with truth.

  • One day an unexpected happens

All of the wish that she had made

Have come true with shining light of fantastic.

How to be Happy after make mistakes

       Mistakes are actions that go wrong or occasionally within an incident. Everyone makes mistakes and it usually happens in our lives. Learning to accept your misstep and fully comprehend why it happened as well as ways to fix it are good ways to change yourself and to not make the same mistake again. But how do you feel after you have made a mistake? Your emotions after doing wrong may be stressful, sorrowful, furious, and bored. Maybe you want to know ways that will help you to solve those problems. If you are facing all of those issues what would you do to solve the problem? Don’t worry, you are extremely lucky because this article can guide you on how to be Happy after you make a mistake. Read on to find some steps:

Learn from your misinterpretation

   Have you ever found yourself in the struggle situation and you are blaming yourself? “I shouldn’t do this again, if I didn’t say it he wouldn’t be angry with me.” Do not waste time to think about the past, but you should take them as an instructor. The good things that you can do are take a long breath and calm down. Then start to ask yourself thoughtful questions: What did I do? Why? If I were him/her how would I feel? What are the solutions? How could I solve it? After you have all of those questions, then start to answer them. You will be seeing the situation more clearly and think positively rather than blaming and putting stress on yourself, as a quote once said, “Always forgive, but never forgot. Learn from a mistake but never regret.” (Quoteistan.com) You should forgive the mistake, but you should also learn from it because it’s a lesson for your life. I can share one of my experiences where I made a mistake. A close friend of mine and I were sharing a story with each other and having fun together. One day she made a joke with me, but I didn’t feel well and took it seriously. Then we didn’t talk with each other for a whole day. Later on, I arrived home and sat alone in a quiet place to think about the situation. I was feeling sorry to her that she just aim to make a joke with me because of confusing it made our friendship break. Luckily, on the next day we met with each other to explain what happened yesterday. After the conversation, a bright smile on our faces started to grow with the sound of laughing. This is a great lesson that I learn from my mistake of friendship.

Inspire yourself

   When you fall down the first person who can support you is yourself. You shouldn’t blame yourself. No one is perfect and does things perfectly. What would you do when you are stressed? Additionally, if you find yourself in a  struggle, perhaps you could read inspiring stories, articles, listen to music, encouraging quotes, or write down things in your mind on paper. There are many actions, which help you to stand up with motivation and confidence. Mr, Jack Ma, an entrepreneur said, “ Never give up. Today is hard, Tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be Sunshine.” Today you make a mistake, but it doesn’t mean tomorrow you will still make the same mistake again. Encouraging  yourself is the best way to be empowered and to think more positively when moving forward.

Consultation with intimate person  

   Do you have any close friends or congenial people to discuss with a secret story and problems? Of course, I am sure at least you have one. Sometimes, when you struggle to think of something, the person who is near and empathetic, can help you to find a way to  walk out of a dark dream. You can have a conversation with them, telling them what is going wrong and showing your feelings. Listen to their advice or comment because frequently, they have experiences with things they did before. Thought, how do you feel when you talk to them? Sometimes, to start a conversation with that person you would feel so uncomfortable, but you might to express it out. If you are just keeping inside, it doesn’t make any change. Moreover, the person you talk with could give you some ideas and change your mind beside full words of stressful. The confidential person is a tour guide, which is willing to help and show you different roads or perspectives for you to think more. After the conversation, you would feel better than previously.


       Overall, the mistake is a coach that trains you to adapt with all things, they will happen in the future. It is similar to break an old bridge along the way you are walking if you tried to find what is going wrong. I’m very sure that you should figure out how to fix them. Also, this is the same as our mistakes, which we could explore them and assimilate to continue the journey. Besides that, supporting yourself when you face conflict is the best solution to make you feel more optimistic, calm, and encouraged to show that you shouldn’t give up because of the imperfection before. Especially, express your feelings and talk with someone is also a great technique because they could give you some feedback. Therefore, all of the reasons above are tips to make you happy after making a blunder. Remember, all of those steps could be your assistant to cooperation when you need them.

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My Dream (English Literacy)

     As the time go on I was grow up and everything are changing. If I think back of some memories in the past, there was so funny. When I was 8 to 9 years old I wanted to learn English. One day my father bought me an English book. There are many pictures with word below. Frequently, I like to look at pictures and tried to read with Khmer caption near to each word, but it was actually very hard. Then I asked my father to taught me how read and spelling. He spend one hours to teach me one word with explaining, spelling, pronunciation, and translate. I was really appreciate to his patience and optimism because there were millions questions in my head, so I was actually following up from one question to other. After he spend an hour, then he told me to relax and eat dinner. I went out off a room walk straight to find my mother. My face as dust with rain fall down.  My mother asked “what happen to you?” I asked her back “how could I know how to read English and speak.” My mother​​ put her hand on my head with sweet word, which is “ Don’t worried kid, you would get success on your goals in the future, if you have a plan and try your best to fight problem. We would stand behind you to support and helping.” When my father saw me cried, so he told me that he would teach me again after dinner. I wipe tear with smile start on my face again. This is the most difficult problem that I was hard to find solution. Sometimes, when I saw some people speak English to foreigners I was wonder how did they remember all of vocabulary and understand.

     There are many struggles in the world, but it is also solution stay there to solve. Unless you start to stand up with confident and positive think. I am doing it to get on the top of my dream. As my father didn’t know a lot of English, but he tried to find many ways to assist with encouragement. Also, my mother is a person I could talk to if there are problems. Now all of advice that my parents told me it was real. I could write this story because​ I am learning English and success on my dream. I can speak, read, write and listen. This is the best result that I really expect.

Who Am I?

   Round three in literacy class we studied a new topic is about Identity. Identity is mostly forcing about the identity of people or who are you, where are from, or background information. Before we did research there are also some guiding questions for us to have ideas. Besides that, we also look at some articles by Sandra Cisneros of “The House on Mango Street”, articles from newsela.com, and the poem “Where am From” by George Ella Lyon. All of those articles have been inspiring me and other students to be as models. Moreover, after we read the article called “The House on Mango Street”, which is talking about the girl who wrote about the history of her name and her feeling of her name. Then we also got to write a paragraph of background information of our name, where did it come from? Who given this name? And reasons. This is an interesting topic get to know more about yourself.



   Beside that we also get encouragement from a poem of “Where am From” is the product of George Ella Lyon is growing up in Kentucky. She loves words, tree climbing, bike riding, singing, her family, stories, dinner, and school. Lyon also plays some sports, writing since she was young, and play music. She has written a poem about herself ( Where am From) and audio. I could say it was so admiringly of her writing, which makes readers see all of the action she did by her words. Consequently, I also wrote my own poem that has a format of Lyon.


Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

“I Am From” Poem Template

Root Word

  • Every Monday in Literacy class our teacher gives us a paper about root words in English
  • There are timelines, which lasts a long time ago
  • One day we have divided into three groups to create the video about root words that can teach students by watching a video
  • In those animations have to include explanation, examples, and have pictures to make it’s easier to understanding.
  • My team need create a video about “AUD”
  • If you look at this video you will know more about it
  • I could get more knowledge about the root words of English and dateline of history