Writing Essay

      “Writing expresses who we are as people. Writing makes our thinking and learning visible and permanent.”from https://public.district196.org/. There are many different types of Essay which are also similar to English too. We spent time reading different styles of writing and the format of them. After, we discussed and shared what understand, which was our turn to show our work. The teacher gave a topic for us to write as homework by using a Khmer proverb: “If you want to get knowledge, you have to kill an archbishop​​. If you want to get fruitful, you need to burn the stump.” and let us explain and give examples also. I had done many research before I began to write. It was a bit tricky to understand at the previous, but when I tried to read again and again, I was able to understand. There are a lot of meanings about this proverb. I got experience writing essays, but at the same time, I was appreciated for the people who created all the proverbs and hiding good advice and messages inside. 

This is a pdf of my writing 

The Argument paragraph


Travelling Theater

     Traveling theater exploration is the project that builds a mobile theater, which is moving from place to place. We aim to show our performance in the rural area while they may not have a lot of chances to watch different shows. Our team wants to have a truck and redesign it by dividing space for a changing room, microphones, and room for keeping our items. However, for now, we do not have a truck, so we need to be more flexible. 

      In the class, we learned about the process of setting up and tearing down. At the same time, we also learn more about the place, weather, time, and audiences. It’s my first time working on this project, and I am delighted to get new experiences. Our facilitator wants to make sure that we understand clearly about those processes, so he has a plan to go on the trip to two provinces, Takeo and Kampot. We want to show our performances at the schools and in the small village. There are my different roles, I’m a set design and communication crew, but mostly I’m working on contacting school directors, village chefs, District Governor, and police. This is also the first time for me to make a phone call too. I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Though, I think I would learn and get a lot of experiences while I have to talk to many high range people. Every time, I make a call my heart is beating so fast. Besides, there are some problems which sometimes I need to apologize to them. Because we have some changes to our plan. Sometimes, my partner and I face the music, but we can handle it and make a trip to happen.


      For three days of performance are the best memories that I couldn’t forget. Smile faces of audiences to show that they are enjoying the performance. I’m delighted and thank you so much to my teammate to achieve our goal. Even though we meet a lot of issues, we still encourage each other. There is a girl who comes forward and says, “Will you have a performance tomorrow?” I’m surprised and glad to hear it.

     Learning isn’t just sitting in the class, but we could learn it anytime and anywhere. I’m thankful to be a member of this project while I could get a lot of new experiences and understand more about the process of working with the government. I​ want to say I love the communication job. 

Diving Deep, Going Far

       The blue book with the title of “Diving Deep, Going Far” made me interested. It contains stories of the women leaders forming Cambodia’s future. There are a variety of stories for each person. I was excited to see this book while I like to listen to other people’s stories. Sometimes, I could learn and get inspired by them. In my opinion, all of the stories are compelling, showing their experiences of brave, hard work, never giving up, and adorable, especially, being as a woman.

       Everyone has a different life story that we never know how many times we have been fighting to get to the place that we’re standing now a day, like all of the women in the book. I love all of those stories, especially, for chapter one is “School” and the second chapter is “Fairy tale” which touch my heart and feel related.

       He has the same dream as my father, which he always reminds my sister and me every time we talk together. When I read this story, I miss my parents, and thank you so much for what they have done for me. I think just the word thank you isn’t enough, but I promise I never make you frustrated with me. I’m going to make your dream come true. Dad, you’re my superhero, and Mom, you are my queen. Both of you are my role model and breath.

        I’m enjoying reading this book and get a lot of encouragement. All of the women in the book are my role models and light to show me that I should believe in myself as like you guys. You have been facing many obstacles, though, you still can achieve it. If you can do it, what about me? 

       “One day…I’m gonna have everything I prayed for. I believe it.” Demic


Khmer Noddle

     Every time we talk about Prohak, Which country comes to your mind? Exactly, it’s Cambodia. Prohak is made from fish and it smells so bad, however, Cambodian people like to eat them and it’s very delicious. We could cook many varieties of food by using Prohak. Khmer Noodle​ is a family dish. Most of the time, when Cambodian celebrate any event, they never forget this food because it’s easy to cook and tastes good. However, this type of food doesn’t have many countries know how to cook it, while some of the ingredients are only found in Cambodia. Therefore, Khmer Noodle also has a folktale story that is related between Cambodia and China. Last but not least, it’s a very popular food in Cambodia.


         The Entrepreneurship platform development was an impact project of our seniors, Mr. Sammang Noun. This project aims to create a short video about the startup journey by following two different teams. We believed this video will be a model and inspire others.

       This was my first time working in a small group of members. We divided a role for each of the members for responsibilities. I was responsible for Khmer writing and working closely with the storyboard person which was Bopha. This project is collaborated with Impact Hub, so we often went there at least once to two times a week. At the same time, it was time to start a new competition of Smart Spark. So, many teams were participating in this competition. This was a great experience to interview with different groups about their experiences. We have selected two teams to follow along which means we would take every footage of their work and interview everything from the beginning until the end of the competition. This was a way to showcase the journeys on what would happen along the road before we could succeed. On the final pitch of the competition of Smart Sparks, we also got a chance to be participants. I was excited to listen to their ideas and appreciate all their hard work. They did a awesome job . It was a fantastic time to meet with different people and do networking with them. 



Sarajevo is a heart of Bosnia that they couldn’t live without. The tall building were growing everywhere, green color on the top of view, chilly air, birds sang songs, and golden lily dance in the air release out soft smell. However, as the time goes Bosnia has broken hearth because of the big giants arrived still everything that it used to has away from its own place. It was a miserable things that Bosnia hard to forgave, but the way to express this feeling was to writing a poem to describe those unforgettable situation.  

The Nostalgic

  • The wave short hair 

with wholemeal is me

Looking through a window

  • Sober clouds

massive block building lay down on the side

smoky as foggy

black wires kip on fire 

  • I aim to lope away 

from where I am now

  • Oops! Oops! Oops!

The first kiss of my head

To the cab seat


This was a whole new world

 Uninviting, Grimy, Stinking

  • Begin the journey

Adobe to new resettlement 

Hostile, uncomfortable

See you again Sarajevo

  • I’m a bee suffer the loss of


Stay quiet 

Play charade every day

Express feeling

Without saying 

The plum blue, bright warm color

Glossy like fancy light orange

Drive to my heart

  • Birds chants songs

Dance in chilly air

Almost chop my hair

With their voice

  • The vines being to fly

On the sky

Out of strong smoky 

Of Turkish style coffee

Feel cosy and homely

  • Golden lily is lovely, considerate

As Tufahija dessert taste

Of saccharine than honey

  • Today was extremely dissimilar

Losing “Rich Flavor and Rich History”

Of strong caffeine and appreciate

Saccharine melts to bitter

I’m broken heart because by the Time

Golden lily sways like dancing

Petals are jumping 

Not in Fall

  • Grin, miserable, and glad

To spend my life

Force to spin

At new a nest

Where I have never ever left

“The smile face in one side, but when you arrived burn my heart which I never forgot.”


Khmer Children Literature

      Reading books at the very young age is a key lead children to education path. There are a lot of advantages of reading books to children, which they could start to adobe with study, aware of vocabulary, imagination, or good communicators while they are growing up. Besides that, we know that parents now a day, they are very busy with their jobs and not really have time with their kids. However, we are really encourage parents to spend sometimes and read story books for their children. Reading books to kids before going to bed or on free time is the perfect time to build strong relationships between parents and children. That’s why, there is an exploration called “Khmer Children Literature”. 

     This exploration aim to create story books based on 6 core values are Ingenuity, Determination, Stewardship, Integrity, Appreciation, and Optimism. All of those six story books would be in Khmer and English which make Cambodian children easy to read and learn more Khmer and English vocabulary. The, we divided into six teams to take over one of those core values. So my team is Ingenuity group that we came up with short story connect to this theme. Before, we could publish a book, there are many processes with challenges that I and my team was facing. First, we have to brainstorm ideas of story are characters, setting, and plot in the story. This was one of the most difficult because we thought of stories that connect to the topic, spread the main idea into the story, and the ways to make reads to continuous read with curiosity. After, we finished brainstorm and begin to write the story. The next part, it wasn’t my skill at all, but I need to take attempt and learn from these challenges. I could draw and paint which I didn’t know that it would look nice or whatever. However, I need to do what I’m really confident and learn to adobe with this situation. This was a middle road of challenges that I and teammates were facing. Thought, there was one of the biggest problems is Translate English to Khmer which we have to read a story again and translate those into Khmer. Also, we couldn’t translate word by word that could make nonsense. There are many things that I and teammates were facing, but we tried hard to push yourself, challenges, explore, and get experience with new things to achieve our main goal. Therefore, I also really appreciate my teammates, we always attempted with something new, encourage, and good collaboration. This is one of the main reasons that make our goal get success. 


     In addition as the quote from Robert H. Schuller said “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” Even though, I was facing a lot of challenges with drawing, writing stories, or translate, but I never stop and walk away. I have to learn from problems that I was facing and take them as tutors. Besides that, I was able to get experiences of writing and teamwork which I could aware of life lesson that never give up and step back because of challenges. 



កម្ពុជាល្អស្រស់ប្រឹមប្រិយ                          គ្មានអ្វីផ្ទឹមបីប្រដូចប្រៀប

ប្រាសាទបុរាណតំណាងជាតិ                       ល្បីឮខ្ទរខ្ទាតពេញពសុធា ។

ក្បូរក្បាច់ចម្លាក់យ៉ាងរចនា                  ​​     មានរូបអប្សរារាំរេរា

ពាក្យម្គុជល្អគុណស្រស់សោភា                     ញញឹមពព្រាសមនារី ។

ឆ្លាក់ចារខ្លះបង្ហាញពីខ្មែរ                            ថាខ្លាំងពូកែមិនខ្ជាខ្ចី

កសាងប្រាសាទសព្វទិសទី                        ​គុណភាពគ្មានពីរលើសកល ។

ក្រៅពីប្រាសាទមានសិល្ប:                          យីកេបាសាក់ទុកបន្សល់ 

របាំរាំវង់ទន់តាមខ្យល់                                ល្វត់ល្វន់ទាញដល់ចិត្តទស្សនា ។

ស្រុកគេលាន់មាត់គ្រប់ៗគ្នា                        សម្បត្តិវប្បធម៍ពីដូនតា

ថាហ៊ានមុតមាំខ្លាំងអស្ចារ្យ                          អាចថែរក្សាកេរស្ថិតស្ថេរ ។

យើងជាកូនក្រោយត្រូវតាំងចិត្ត                 ក្លាហានយ៉ាងពិតមិនរារេ

ខំប្រឹងរក្សាដំណែលកេរ                                   មិនចុះចាញ់ទេស្មារតីខ្មែរ​ ។

Community Based Ecotourism

    Now a day Cambodia is a developing country in Asia. There are many tall buildings are starting to be born in Phnom Penh, the capital city. Everything has changed after a dark dream is gone and we won’t hope to see it again. Change is a new word has grown in my mind, when I came to Liger. Before I didn’t know what’s that mean? and how can I make a change? Throughout, many projects have happened since year 2 to 3, those were mirrors to reflect and open more space for the world to show me that “the outside is exuberant, but there are some issues still need a change. Even though, it is a big or small thing if we could make it’s different and better”.

Drawing by Vouchnea, Chan and Mealea

     Preah Vihear province is located in the north part of Cambodia and it’s a province given named by the temple (Prasat Preah Vihear). The place has a beautiful temple stand up high on the mountain with green scenery of nature surround. Besides, there are a lot of amazing ancient temples and interesting resorts. Though, there are also groups of indigenous communities. Bonkernphal village, Romtom commence, Rovieng district, Preah Vihear province is one of Kui indigenous communities.There are 236 Kui indigenous families (827 people) and most of the villagers are farmers. Therefore, the community has a protecting forest of 1891ha. The large area of forest, but only five villagers who volunteer to patrol in a forest called Protecting Forest Community Champan to stop all illegal action since 2006. Because of loving the nature they are working to protect their forest without think of salary. On the other hand, all of the families in the community are also facing some problem of living under the poverty line average annual income of $1,500 per family ($0.83/person/day). All of those issues in the community is a reason to make us want to create a Community Based Ecotourism in Bonkernphal village. Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET) is an activity that provides tourists involved with nature and interacts with villagers in the community.
     The work is starting to begin with research and explore with existing Community Based Ecotourism to comprehend and get some feedback from excerpt people about CBET. Before we create a CBET, there are many works that we have to do step by step. Round one, we did an interview with 255 tourists in Phnom Penh come from 32 countries. Our goal is to know about their perspective, will they interesting to visit our CBET? When we got all of the information we went to Bankernphal village to explain about CBET, told the information of market result, dissuasion, and get to know the perspective of villagers also. Along with, we spend a lot of time to working on this project the result for the first step had come out were tourists and villagers are open and support to this project.

I was delighted to all result we got from hard working and collaboration with a teammate to get success on our task. Round two was starting with some new members and assignments. Our mission is to study more about the Feasibility of place what are attractive places that can make tourists come to visit our site? We spend 4 nights 5 days went into the Protecting Forest Community Champan for exploring and observing the natural feature and people in the community. Apart from this we met with five stakeholder support to know about their idea of this plan and all of them are agree and willing to support us if it happened.


       In addition, this’s long journey had touched me to get out of my comfort zone to train myself and if I want to make a change for someone I should start to change myself first. I can tell that previous time, I was a little bit shy to talk with strangers, but one thing to push me was “If I didn’t do it, how can this idea happened and what’s about villagers? This was a tip to cheer me up and get out of my space. Subsequently, round 2 of the project done I satisfied all of the work I did and have a great participate from my group. Every step I walked into a class I was ready with the vitality for work and aim to see this idea happen. In addition to this to be a member of the CEBT project, I contented to be a part of a change in Bankerphal village if it’s a tiny thing I was grateful and willing to help. Last but not least, the word Change has started from myself, appreciate what I do, and understanding of real need. You have changed me, find my passion and help me to see a change for other citizens.

Tom Teav

     The novel story that all of citizen in Cambodia couldn’t forget of two main characters, which was voluntarism to died together under a big tree called Por cause of love and family. Tom Teav was a novel story written by Ngoun Som or Pykok Som in 1915. In khmer class we had independent time to choose a topic or read a book to research and after we will share all of those information in the class. I was interested to learn more about khmer novel of Tom Teav to know more does this khmer novel was nonfiction or fiction. All of the results were the same, there are still two reasons, though from a website of CambodiaCommunityday said “this was a nonfiction story happened in Longvek era and it also told from mouth to mouth of event happened in the story. Beside, that from our discussion in class, in this love story had showed about location, period, roles, and this had some parts is from the perspective of an author. So it should be a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

     Therefore, this story had written two times, which one more by Nou Kan in 1942, but both of those stories had the same goal of “ Nom Men Thom Cheang Neal” is Cake doesn’t bigger than a stuff to put it. Before daughters didn’t have rights to decide on what they wanted unless their parents agree with those ideas and them need to follow parents.