Who am I

Serei Sabda Yos is my name, in Khmer “Serei” is glory, success, good luck and happiness. For “Sabda” which mean seven days and English is a week. If we combine them together is a person who is calm, like to be happy, don’t like to do something that is effective for other people, and live with happiness. 

My name has given by my lovely father. He told me that the name is so important and give names to children is to find a needle in the sea-based. The tree you always take care every day would know what it should look like in the future. Sometimes, you want to give name is represent that a little tree.

I never want to change my name. It is a good name that my father gave to me since I was born. This is a birthday gift would stay with me forever, going with me anywhere, and which is a special souvenir from him. Moreover, this name can represent my character trail. Also, I don’t know what name would I choose because I love this name. One highlight it doesn’t actually have people who have the same names as me.

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