My bedroom Dream

Everyone always has their own houses dream which they hope to build at someday in the future. I want to have my own house that it is design by my own style. However, for now it is just a dream that exist inside my imagination. Though, as a time goes I’m begin to make my dream house to get out of my brain and appear on computer screen. 

This is a first time for me to create my bedroom in the website of

The bedroom make me feel of happiness, delight, relax, and motivate.
Creative with my imagination


It makes me feel of sweet and enthusiastic.
Take sometimes​ to Meditate from something around

All of this work above is what I have spend my time to make my dream come true. Also, the most important thing that I learned from this work was empathize what do I need, follow my heart, ingenuity, and experiences to try something new. 


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